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LGBTQIA+ Programming & Initiatives
The University of Mississippi

LGBTQIA+ Education & Trainings

(All trainings can be led virtually)

Exploring Gender & Sexuality (1 hour)

This training invites participants to explore foundational concepts related to sexuality and gender with an emphasis on the experiences of underrepresented groups. During this training, participants will be able to engage in discussion related to best practices in supporting the full spectrum of gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality within their department, organization, and at the University of Mississippi overall. This training session is designed for all audiences.

Allies Training (2.5-3 hours)

Allies training is a workshop that aims to 1) encourage foundational understanding of definitions, concepts and terms relating to sexual orientation and gender identities, 2) introduce campus, state, national and international-level issues and concerns that impact individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+, and 3) explore models of effective and informed allyship to those communities. This training session is designed for all audiences.


Training Requests

If you are interested in coordinating a training session for your department, program, or organization, you can do so by filling out the Diversity Education Request Form.

Visit the ‘Events’ tab to see what trainings are upcoming and are open for registration.



Do’s & Don’t’s Around Gender & Sexuality (Printable PDF)

Commonly-Used LGBTQIA+ Terminology (Printable PDF)


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